Are you looking for an encounter with Christ? Do you desire knowing Christ with your mind and your heart? Cursillo may be for you.

Cursillo, short for "Cursillo de Christiandad," means "short course in Christianity."  Cursillo is a “movement of the Catholic Church that, with its own method, makes it possible to live what is fundamental for being a Christian.” The method helps to create communities of Christians who are interested in bringing the Good News to their environments as they grow and become authentic Christians themselves. This goal is accomplished by the Cursillo method of fostering piety, study, and action.

Cursillo in New Hampshire offers a three-day Cursillo weekend and on-going gatherings called Ultreyas and Reunions.

Visit nhcursillo.org to learn more.

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728 Annette Street

Toronto, On, M6S 2E2


 Tuesday - Thursday
 9:00am - 4:00pm

Fr. Gustavo Campo


(416) 767-6451


St James Catholic School

James Culnan School

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